Community Connections Vancouver LLC has a four member board

  • William Lawer, President
    Born in Portland, Oregon, attended school in Vancouver, Wa. Joined U. S. Coast Guard, attaining rank of E6. Completed 18 years of service with the US Coast Guard. Currently Associate Pastor of Safe Harbor Church. Working with decorative, ornamental metal work for guard rails and hand rails
  • Florence Monfore, Vice President
    Born in Aberdeen, Washington Attended schools in Kelso, Wa and Lower Columbia College. Assoc. Degree in Health Sciences. Five year post graduate degree from The American College, Bryne Mawr Penn. Certified Financial Planner. Work experience includes 13 years as lab and x-ray technician, 38 years in financial field in stocks, bonds, insurance and real estate.
  • Donald Lawer, Secretary Treasurer
    Born, raised and attended school in Portland, Oregon. Associate Degree in Special Education. Post Graduate in Psychology and Human Behavior. Started in US Air Force for 8 years. Taught and worked with Special Needs youth and adults. Currently have a business fabricating decorative handrails and guardrails. Working with glass, stainless steel, bronze and brass.
  • Judy Heichel, Director of Operations
    Born in Mansfield, Ohio and educated there. Associate Degree in Business Management as well as business finances. Mostly worked in Hotel, Motel and Restaurant management as a career. Currently trained and involved in Chaplaincy and Vancouver chapter of CIMS for people who are overcome in a disaster.

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